GGJ 2023

Fever Garden

The roots of the fungus attack your garden continually! You have to protect them to make them bear more fruit. The time will run after you. Hurry up! Get the highest score and don’t let your plants die. Use the right toolbox, the fate of plant life is in your hands. Toolbox Instruction: (Click them to …

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Gold Digger

Summary 3-4 Players compete to collect as much gold as possible in a cave root system. Whoever collects the most through the Exit will win the game. Mechanics Estimated Play Time 8-10 minutes Number of Player 3-4 Players Goal of The Game Reach the Exit tile with as much gold as possible by trying to …

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Sedai Roots

What a lovely couple! Wonder what their child would look like? Could she/he looks lovely too? Well, you have to guess it!! SEDAI ROOTS is an endless puzzle game about determining the most likely child from a pair of parents. You can determine it based on the most child feature matches from the parents’ features. …

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Roots Run Deep

Nature fundamentally exists for both the living and the dead. All kinds of species, climate, weather– everything determines our survival However, nature is but just a double-edged sword. Nothing is free from its harm. Confused, Puli woke up in an unknown place. It was dark and they couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t long until a …

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–OVERVIEW– Kamu cukup menggerakkan akar untuk mengumpulkan air agar ga mati Eitsss… tapi jangan asal pencet, sesuiakan dengan ritme!!! –CONTROLS– “WASD” – menggerakkan akar ~#Ini merupakan game yang dibuat untuk Global Game Jam 2023 Yogyakarta#~

Akar Liar

Akar Liar adalah 3D topdown endless survival game dengan kesulitan meningkat menggunakan swarm dan banyak jenis musuh, Pemain dapat memindahkan karakter menggunakan kursor mouse dan menyerang menggunakan tombol W,A,S,D untuk menyerang depan, kiri, belakang dan sisi kiri di perintah itu.

Perfect Root

Perfect Root adalah gim yang mengambil referensi gim arcade klasik “Pang 3”. Pemain mengontrol karakter yang berjalan ke kanan dan ke kiri, serta meletuskan balon dengan peluru. Balon-balon tersebut hadir dalam berbagai ukuran dan terus memantul di sekitar layar, sehingga menjadi tantangan tersendiri bagi pemain. Terdapat dua tipe balon yaitu balon akar 2 dan balon …

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