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Hasil gambreng dengan temen Candela.  Game: Living In Viellci by Louis Paul & What Comes After by Fabicomm Pro.

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​Hello again everyone!I have enough with the break, it’s time to spill thrice more brain cells~ xD In this update, it can take more than 2-3 months, since the amount of content I will add… will be twice more than the previous update~! I might commission someone to help me with this update, if you …

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UPDATE 0.2 – BASE GAME UPDATE ~ Changelog ~ General – Added skill system – Added level system – Added stats tab – Added SFW toggle – Added instant text toggle – Millie’s and Raymond’s stats are now toggleable – New main menu music – Millie’s sprite is now animated and her clothing will follow …

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A fantasy life simulation game about living together with an outcast girl. Slowly but steadily you’ll grow closer to each other.   You got a call from your father who’s a Chairman of the Defense Division in the city of Viellci to make him a powerful weapon after a huge loss against a horde of …

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