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Control : -WASD to Move and Jump -Left click to attack Survive  in the arena from the monster that respawn from anywhere.

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Destiny is stronger than blood. Shingo and Shiori Amiga, the twin siblings are separated by force. Orphaned and penniless, Shingo is forced to live as a vigilante outlaw. Abducted and experimented upon, Shiori then lives with Junishi Abe. She was specially trained to be an agent for Goemon Investigations Agency. The outlaw and the law …

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Everna Saga: Maven A Sparrow in the Storm A Fantasy Game from the novel by Andry Chang Like a sparrow in the storm, Maven, an orphan half-elf girl is trapped between impossible revenge and unrequited love. Nigel DiMessina saves Maven as an infant, then raises and trains her in the confines and safety of Saint …

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