The Combat Rework and Valentines Event!


Hello again, For this week’s update, we’ve got the long-awaited Combat Rework, a time-limited Valentines Event, a new Quest, and so much more– in one of our BIGGEST updates to date. 🤩

Combat has been tweaked and replaced with new formulas, and we expect to make additional changes throughout the coming months. We’ve launched a new feedback channel just for your comments, and we hope to implement various changes based off your feedback as time goes on. 🙌

Along with that, with got a new Valentines Day Event! Enter Peridot Plains and help Princess Val in find the five pages to her love poem, and maybe just earn a nice time-limited reward in exchange. 💗

Of course, that isn’t all you’ve seen from this update! A new quest, death penalty changes, bug fixes, and more… be sure to read through the 🩹patch-notes notes or news post to see what we’ve added! 👇 https://genfanad.com/news/feb-14-2023/the-combat-rework-&-valentine-event

Thanks as always and see you next week! 👋


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