Spring has Bloomed Early in Nuublandia!


📢 Spring has Bloomed Early in Nuublandia! 💐

Ah, the fresh air, the melting snow, and the spring blooms… hiding? 🌷

A new season has come to the world of Genfanad!

And with it, players can now encounter the mischievous Blooms, nature spirits that possess a valuable resource that they only share with their favorite adventurers. ✨

The resource, known as Dew💧, is limited in quantity each week but does not expire. This new mechanic is designed to encourage players to explore more of the game world. Even players who have limited time to play can log in and collect a few blooms, which will provide them with XP boosts when they have more time to play later. 🙌

Once collected, you can use Dew to obtain rewards and unique upgrades starting with XP rate increases and a unique cosmetic for the most dedicated explorers. Of course, this mechanic is completely optional – you can play as normal and occasionally encounter a small reward while playing the game normally!

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for more information 👇

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Thank you to everyone who has supported so far, and thank you to everyone else for sticking around. We hope to see you again next week 👋

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