Linux Support, Localization, and Menu Changes

  • Linux support now available.
    You can download the game on Linux from Steam. The game has been tested and works well on Ubuntu 22.04.

  • New localizations added: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.
    The new localizations can be found under Settings > Language.

  • Updated player stats menu.
    We’ve rearranged some elements and added some details to the player stats menu.

  • Updated game tips window and text.
    We’ve changed the game tips window from a slide-in/slide-out panel to a pop-up window. Most of the game tips text has been updated to provide better descriptions, and the game tips menu in the game menu has also been changed to a list view.

  • Added reset progress option.
    You can reset your progress by going to Main Menu > Settings > Reset Progress. Please note: this action is not reversible.

  • Some minor bug fixes.



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